“With him…”: Brigitte Macron talks about the “surprises” that her husband Emmanuel has in store for her

“With him…”: Brigitte Macron talks about the “surprises” that her husband Emmanuel has in store for her
“With him…”: Brigitte Macron talks about the “surprises” that her husband Emmanuel has in store for her

Invited on the airwaves of RTL this Wednesday, January 25, Brigitte Macron makes revelations about the surprises that her husband has in store for her. For many years, she has been used to the unpredictability of Emmanuel Macron.

It coos at the Élysée! For several weeks, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have been spraining their discretion. In the media, the First Lady like the President of the Republic multiply the tender confidences about their daily life at the palace but also their relationship. This Wednesday, January 25, Brigitte Macron will be the exceptional guest of the RTL morning show to present the Yellow Pieces … but also to make funny revelations about her husband. Asked about the future of Emmanuel Macron, when he will have to leave the presidency in 2027, the First Lady replied: “I can’t imagine him. I don’t know what he’s going to do. And with him, life has always had a lot of surprises in store for me. It’s the least we can say I don’t qualify. But surprises… That didn’t change him. He’s basically what he’s always been.”

Invited to the set of 12 noon shots a few days ago, Brigitte Macron had already lifted the veil on the couple’s daily rituals. “We have rites from time to time. We go to the restaurant, we walk home, we walk a lot, she confided. Not always by day, sometimes by night, sometimes with a beanie. We go to the theatre, to the cinema, we try a little.” But it is not always easy to share the life of a head of state. And Brigitte Macron will have a hard time saying the opposite. “I’m married to someone who works all the time so the problem is trying to get him to close his filesshe had fun, causing the laughter of Jean-Luc Reichmann. But we have rituals and since we are a large family, we have a birthday every month and we celebrate a birthday together every month.”

Emmanuel Macron: “When you’re in love, you don’t choose”

Like his wife, Emmanuel Macron never hesitates to praise his former theater teacher. This is exactly what he did in the Rencontres du Papotin where he was teased about the age difference that exists between the two lovers. “Love, you don’t choose so much. I think it falls on you and therefore there is nothing impossible”, first entrusted the President of the Republic. And to add: “It is not written that it has to be a person like you, who is the same age as you, who lives in the same place as you. It is something which is stronger than you and which exceeds you”. If his parents were not initially delighted by this relationship, Emmanuel Macron persisted. “When you’re in love, you don’t chooserepeated the Head of State. It’s not good, do you think? She wasn’t really my teacher. She was my drama teacher. It doesn’t count the same.”

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