Royals: Prince Felix has split from girlfriend Karen Bak

Royals: Prince Felix has split from girlfriend Karen Bak
Royals: Prince Felix has split from girlfriend Karen Bak

Prince Felix is ​​single again

Prince Felix with his mother Alexandra of Frederiksborg and his brother Prince Nikolai

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Their happiness in love became known in 2021, now it’s all over again: Prince Felix and his girlfriend Karen Bak go their separate ways.

Prince Felix, 19, is single again. The son of Prince Joachim of Denmark, 53, now reveals this in a rare double interview with his brother Prince Nikolai, 22, to the Norwegian newspaper “Billed Bladet”.

Prince Felix: love off with Karen Bak

The grandsons of Queen Margrethe, 82, chatted unusually privately about their lives a few days ago. Model Prince Nikolai not only raved about his longtime girlfriend Benedikte Thoustrup, with whom he recently celebrated his red carpet premiere in Stockholm. Nikolai also had love news in his luggage – but not good ones. He and his girlfriend, Karen Bak, who is one year his senior, have split up.

The two did not get to know each other like Nikolai and Benedikte did at the same school. However, according to Billed Bladet, they hung out in the same circles and met through friends. Last summer, after Felix revealed he was dating Bak, the couple had spent part of the summer with friends at Château de Cayx. Now Felix is ​​facing a perhaps equally adventurous summer as a single.

The Danish royal turns 13 today

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Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai are from the relationship of Prince Joachim and Alexandra von Frederiksborg, 57. Their marriage lasted from 1995 to 2005. Joachim has been since Married in 2008 to Princess Marie, 46, with whom he has children Princess Athena, 10, and Prince Henrik, 13 – Nikolais and Felix’s half-siblings.

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