Princess Ingrid Alexandra: The royal family makes a statement about rumors of love

Princess Ingrid Alexandra
Hof comments on love rumors about her and Magnus Heien Haugstad

Princess Ingrid Alexandra

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Is Princess Ingrid Alexandra taken? That’s what the Norwegian media say. Now the royal family has commented on the love rumors for the first time.

Has Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 18, found her prince charming? Norwegian media have been rumored for some time whether the heir to the throne is in a relationship with Magnus Heien Haugstad, 22. The student was also a guest at Ingrid Alexandra’s grand gala dinner held at Oslo Palace in honor of her 18th birthday. Now the royal family is commenting on the rumors about an alleged relationship between the two.

Is Princess Ingrid Alexandra in love?

Gallantly in a black tails, Magnus Heien Haugstad walked to dinner in the large dining room on Friday, June 17, 2022. Princess Ingrid Alexandra was of course allowed to invite friends to her big day. Haugstad was one of them – or even more than that? The Norwegian newspaper “Se og Hør” claims to have found out and claims that the princess “has been in a relationship for a long time”.

Is Magnus Helen Haugstad Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Boyfriend? After all, he was invited to their big gala dinner on June 17, 2022 at the Royal Palace in Oslo, where this photo was taken.

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Court information chief Guri Varpe has now commented on “Se og Hør” about the headlines about Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Magnus Heien Haugstad and says: “We do not comment on the privacy of the royal family.” Neither a confirmation nor a denial of the love rumors.

This is Magnus Helen Haugstad

But who is Magnus Helen Haugstad? According to his profile on the LinkedIn business platform, he grew up in Jar in the municipality of Bærum and is currently studying in England. From September 2020 to June 2021, the 22-year-old completed one of the one-year intensive courses at St. Clare’s in Oxford, which allow access to a large number of universities in Great Britain, studying business, economics and mathematics.

Since 2021, Haugstad has been working towards a bachelor’s degree in business analytics with a focus on accounting and business/management at the renowned Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

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So far, only she knows whether Princess Ingrid Alexandra is really in love head over heels.

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