“I knew that one day I would be at the Olympia” (W9)

“I knew that one day I would be at the Olympia” (W9)
“I knew that one day I would be at the Olympia” (W9)

His dream comes true

Each time, I said: one day, I will be at the Olympia. And I saw in people’s eyes this kind of expression: nobody tells her that she’s crazy and that she’s not going to make it? But I had absolute faith and I knew I would get there. From April 13 to 16, the ex-lawyer fulfilled her dream. His name in red capitals sparkled on the facade of the mythical Parisian performance hall.

A hilarious manifesto

With this one-woman show, her second, Caroline Vigneaux bites the apple, the comedian, who considers herself “an optimistic feminist”, goes back to the sources of inequalities between men and women, going through the grinder of her subtle and hard-hitting humor the myth of Adam and Eve. An irresistible entry into the matter to crush two thousand years of patriarchy and knock out very tenacious taboos. Special dedication to advertisements for feminine protections!

“A spectacle of reconciliation”

The comedian salutes the great figures of feminism (Olympe de Gouges, Gisèle Halimi…) and sweeps away, with a relevance that hits the mark and formidable punchlines, the major dates in the fight for gender equality. With virtuoso artistry to include men in the hilarity.

Caroline Vigneaux bites the apple: Thursday September 22 at 9:05 p.m. on W9

Julien Barcilon

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