Overwhelmed by Lyme disease, the daughter of the President of the Jean Coutu Group takes her own life

Amélie Champagne, the daughter of the president of the Jean Coutu Group, ended her life because she could no longer bear to suffer from Lyme disease.

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The death of the 22-year-old woman was announced by her father, Alain Champagne, on his LinkedIn page.

Although she received her diagnosis last June, Amélie Champagne had suffered from the disease for several years.

In his message, Alain Champagne affirms that his daughter has gone through years of medical wandering in Quebec. Moreover, Dr. Amir Khadir, who takes care of patients with Lyme disease, indicates that this is the fifth suicide in two years.

“I have no explanation for this. It is despair. It is the misfortune not to foresee the possibility of a cure”, affirms Dr. Khadir.

Lyme disease is very difficult to diagnose because it has a wide range of symptoms.

In the most serious cases, the infection can reach the joints, the heart and even the nervous system.

According to Dr. Khadir, it is imperative that his medical colleagues take their time with these patients, to avoid trivializing their situation. The important thing, he argues, is to take into consideration that this disease is not easy to diagnose.

“They are left with symptoms of extreme fatigue, pain all over the body, difficulty concentrating. Has there been exposure to a tick? Did we see a tick? Was there the erythema migrans – the kind of redness?” , explains Amir Khadir.

“What sometimes hurts these patients very badly and plunges them into a disarray that increases their problem is the lack of recognition, it is to… to suffer contempt,” he adds.

Clinics must also be set up for those who suffer from Lyme or long COVID.



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