Evelina Jecker Lambreva wrote the novel “In the Name of the Child”.


Selfish mother and careless doctors are punished fatally: Lucerne psychiatrist takes a controversial position in her new novel

The Lucerne psychiatrist and psychotherapist Evelina Jecker Lambreva has written a novel. In it there is a clear message in favor of children who suffer from their parents’ lack of love.

The Bulgarian-born Lucerne psychotherapist and author Evelina Jecker Lambreva (58).

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A gynecologist is caught under a train, a psychiatrist is stabbed, a young woman disappears. The new novel by Lucerne psychotherapist Evelina Jecker Lambreva has the structure of a thriller. However, without wanting to keep the genre-typical tension in terms of perpetrators as long as possible: it quickly becomes clear that the young woman is responsible for both deaths.

The novel is more concerned with the motive of the cold-blooded murders. The protagonist Maya, who worked at a victim advice center and looked after the young woman who went into hiding, is also puzzled.

Dramatic portrayal of an abusive mother

The psychological aspects of the characters are among the great strengths of the novel: throughout her life and even as an adult, the young woman has been under the stalking influence of her possessive mother. Basically incapable of loving children, the daughter had obtained this through artificial insemination. Evelina Jecker Lambreva describes the relationship between the two drastically and grippingly. Maya, on the other hand, also has a heavily strained relationship with her mother, who now lives in a nursing home.

The novel is in the service of a clear message. The author criticizes the egotism of wanting to have a child at any price and at best with technical means without really being suitable for parenthood. To this she says:

“The desire to have children is often dictated by social pressure or acts as a proxy for other needs.”

The latter is not about the child at all, but about a neurotic fixation that harms the future child. “Be it because the child has to serve as a traffic jam symbol, or because it has to fulfill the ideas of just as narcissistic parents as a narcissistic extension.”

If it then comes down to artificial insemination, Evelina Jecker Lambreva believes that doctors bear a great deal of responsibility for the life that the future child and parents can expect. “Personally, I assume that it is a matter of time before doctors who have performed artificial insemination in the past are accused by children who have now grown up of having given too little or no consideration to the well-being of the child.”

Evelina Jecker Lambreva: In the name of the child. Braumüller, 225 pages, CHF 36.90.

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