High blood pressure drug with life-prolonging “side effect” – healing practice

High blood pressure drug with life-prolonging “side effect” – healing practice
High blood pressure drug with life-prolonging “side effect” – healing practice

High blood pressure drug seems to extend lifespan

A research team reports an astonishing discovery: Apparently, the active ingredient could Rilmenidineused to treat high blood pressure is used, the extend life span and the slow down the aging process. However, a similar effect could also have the right nutrition be achieved.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool, ETH Zurich and Harvard Medical School have shown in a study on animals that high blood pressure medication with the Active ingredient rilmenidine the affect aging and the extended lifespan. The study results have now been presented in the specialist journal “Aging Cell”.

What is rilmenidine?

Rilmenidine is a so-called antihypertensive, i.e. a drug that is taken against high blood pressure, often in combination with other active ingredients. Especially for light to medium weight essential hypertension the drug is prescribed.

The antihypertensive properties are due to the fact that rilmenidine is attached to so-called imidazoline receptors binds, whereby the activity of the sympathetic is reduced. This is part of the involuntary (vegetative) nervous system and is activated, for example, in stressful and emergency situations.

Rilmenidine slowed aging and increased lifespan

As the working group has now shown in experiments with the nematode C. elegans, the influencing of the so-called I1-imidazoline receptor nish-1 using rilmenidin positive for the life span and the aging process of animals, both young and older worms.

Effect of a low-calorie diet mimicked

Using the general health markers, the team realized that the active substance puts the animals in a state that is also affected by a reduced calorie diet can be achieved.

Previous studies have already shown that a long-term low-calorie diet with a higher life expectancy (see: Life Expectancy & Nutrition: Living Longer With Reduced Calorie Intake).

Does rilmenidine have the same effect in humans?

Since humans also have I1-imidazoline receptors, the researchers think it is likely that the discovered effect could also occur in humans. If this is confirmed, rilmenidine could be used as a means of delay in aging be used, especially since the side effects are rare and not serious.

“For the first time we were able to show in animals that rilmenidine can extend lifespan”confirms research director Professor João Pedro Magalhães from the University of Liverpool. The team now wants to check whether the high blood pressure drug has the same effect on aging in humans. (vb)

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