Sentenced for speeding in Eaux-Vives: Reduced penalty for a policeman who drove too fast

Reduced penalty for a policeman who drove too fast

Posted today at 8:29 p.m.

The Federal Court (TF) has given its last word in the case of the speeding police officer on the Gustave-Ador quay one evening in July 2019. The agent, who had set off in pursuit of a BMW before of crashing into a wall, was given a 9-month suspended prison sentence in 2021. On appeal, the penalty was reduced (150 day-fine to 140 francs per day). Judging then the punishment too lenient, the Public Prosecutor had appealed to the TF, which disavows it today. The pecuniary sentence accompanied by the suspended sentence is now final for this policeman convicted of intentional violation of the fundamental rules of road traffic.

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