Luzia Tschirky: Moment of shock when broadcast live

In the SRF Tagesschau, Luzia Tschirky, who is in Kharkiv, upset the viewers. The correspondent later gave the all-clear.

Here you can see the moment when Luzia Tschirky sees a “bright light” in the Kharkiv sky. – SRF


the essentials in brief

  • SRF-Tschirky experienced a moment of shock during a live broadcast in Kharkiv.
  • Viewers of the Tagesschau saw a correspondent nervously looking to the right.
  • The journalist later solved the mystery and assured: “Everything is fine with my team.”

The partial mobilization of Russia was a big topic in yesterday’s SRF Tagesschau. That’s why the live broadcasts from the studio to the east were made right at the start. Correspondent Christoph Wanner spoke from Moscow and Luzia Tschirky from Kharkiv.

After the two journalists for SRF had assessed the situation, there was a moment of shock shortly before the end of the live broadcast. When presenter Boesch spoke again in the studio, you could see Tschirky looking to the right in surprise.

Luzia Tschirky (right) during the live broadcast on the SRF Tagesschau on Wednesday evening. – Screenshot/SRF

She then turned her head in this direction and, amazed, pointed a finger in the direction of her gaze. Something had clearly upset Luzia Tschirky, but the sound from Kharkiv had already been turned off. Shortly thereafter, the SRF ended the live broadcast.

Luzia Tschirky: «Saw a bright light over Kharkiv»

Numerous SRF viewers worried about the correspondent online. “Are you okay?” asked many. Others wondered what else Tschirky wanted to show the viewers at the end of the live broadcast.

Luzia Tschirky
The Ukraine correspondent for SRF, Luzia Tschirky, explains her reaction during the live broadcast of Wednesday’s Tagesschau. – Screenshot/SRF

Shortly thereafter, the reporter spoke on Twitter about the incident and gave the all-clear. “I saw a bright light over Kharkiv out of the corner of my eye. I pointed in the direction of the light to alert the cameraman to the potential danger.”

She doesn’t know at the moment whether it was rockets or air defense, Tschirky wrote shortly after 8 p.m. In response to a concerned comment, he also assured: “Everything is fine with my team. I’m sorry to hear you were concerned.”

Are you worried about the partial mobilization of Russia?

The relief among the spectators was great. “Nice to hear you’re doing well,” wrote one person, and many said, “Take care of yourself.” Many also thanked the correspondent for reporting directly from Ukraine.

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