The new Surface Laptop 5 is coming – what do we know?

The new Surface Laptop 5 is coming – what do we know?
The new Surface Laptop 5 is coming – what do we know?

The new Surface Laptop is said to be presented in mid-October – the number 5. Specs, functions and even prices have now appeared.

The rumors are doing the rounds – the Surface Laptop 5 is supposed to be released soon. After the “smaller” step between numbers 3 and 4, a larger update could now follow. The rumor is fueled by a presentation of the laptop by the Redmond company itself. Microsoft confirmed that the next hardware event will take place on October 12, but without saying anything about devices.

According to blog Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, the device was originally scheduled to launch alongside the Surface Laptop Go 2 in the spring, but now Microsoft’s usual fall date is the most likely.

German tech site WinFuture is a bit more specific, claiming that the Surface Laptop 5 will launch alongside the Surface Pro 9 in mid-October – the date has already been set.

How much would the Surface Laptop 5 cost?

Microsoft put AMD Ryzen processors in the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 4 for the first time. This has allowed the starting price to be reduced as these are from the older (but still very powerful) Ryzen 4000 series.

However, according to WinFuture, Microsoft will rely on Intel. According to this, the 13.5-inch model will start at around 1200 francs, but for a 15-inch display you will reportedly have to spend 1500 francs or more.
Design and new functions

The first big news comes from WindowsPrime, where you can find the full specs of a device that claims to be the Surface Laptop 5.

Microsoft will reportedly stick with 13.5-inch and 15-inch models. Both reportedly have a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, Windows 11’s Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature is now available, so the laptop should be able to automatically adjust the refresh rate based on what’s needed at the moment. This will likely have a positive impact on battery life.

Speaking of battery life:
According to WindowsPrime, the laptop will have a capacity between 53 and 58 Wh. The CPUs available will almost certainly be Intel’s 12th generation, with WinFuture reporting that there will be a choice between the Core i5-1235U and i7-1255U.
According to WindowsPrime, the only other notable innovations are a new 1080p webcam (instead of 720p on the Laptop 4) and Windows 11. There are still options for 8/16/32 GB of RAM and SSDs from 256 GB to 1 TB and a relatively limited selection of ports .

PCtipp means

All of these predictions are relatively conservative. Hardly anyone would be surprised if they were true. In terms of design, however, we hope that Microsoft might orientate itself towards something more modern – although the angular case can be continued with pleasure.

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