2:1 macro for mirrorless full-frame cameras: Laowa 58mm Ultra Macro

With the Laowa 1:2.8/58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO, the Chinese lens manufacturer Laowa presents a further addition to its 2:1 macro lens series for mirrorless full-frame cameras. The 58mm is offered with the Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E and L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma) mounts and can therefore be used on most mirrorless cameras with an image sensor in 35mm or full format. However, it can also be used on cameras with a smaller APS-C format image sensor, becoming a short telephoto macro equivalent to a 35mm focal length of 87mm. The 14 lens elements in 10 groups and the apochromatic correction (APO) minimize chromatic aberration in the focus and blur levels and ensure the highest imaging performance.

The Laowa 58mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO is a compact, short macro lens for more detail and more depth of field.

Because the lens has a shorter focal length than some other macro lenses on the market, it has greater depth of field than a lightweight telephoto macro lens. In this way, more of the background is displayed with the same aperture. The angle of view is 40.9 degrees. This is an advantage when the photographer wants to tell a clearer visual story. Thanks to its shorter focal length, this lens is also very well suited for repro photography.

Image example taken with Laowa 2.8/58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO on a Nikon Z 9, ISO 200, 1/320s, aperture unknown (Photo: Bei Di Shan)

With a 58mm focal length, crystal clear sharpness and beautiful bokeh, this lens is not only an excellent 2:1 macro lens that can be focused down to 18.5cm, but is also ideal for portrait and product photography. The image is razor sharp from close to infinity. Furthermore, the circularly closing aperture (1:2.8 – 1:22) with 13 aperture blades ensures a wonderfully soft bokeh.

Three ultra-high refractive index glasses and three ultra-low dispersion (ED) lenses reduce chromatic aberration as well as optical distortion and ghosting to an absolute minimum. This construction also ensures excellent sharpness right into the corners of the image.

Optical construction with 14 elements in 11 groups, whereby among the 14 lenses there are three special ones.

Internal focusing avoids accidental contact between the front of the lens and the object due to the lens extending when focusing. In addition, the internal focusing also protects against the ingress of dust, for example. The focus is set manually, as is the stepless aperture setting. Lens data such as the set aperture are not transferred and are embedded in the metadata of recordings.

Laowa 58mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO Highlights:

  • Up to 2x magnification
  • Apochromatic (APO) characteristics
  • Outstanding sharpness
  • Greater depth of field
  • internal focusing
  • Soft bokeh

Image example Laowa 58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO (Photo: Shao Wei Wei)

The 58mm lens can also be used in a variety of ways as a normal lens beyond macro motifs, as this image example shows (Photo: Ziyi).

price and availability

The new Laowa 2.8/58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO will be delivered for the first time in mid-October 2022 and should be available in stores from then. It is available with a choice of Canon RF, Nikon Z, L-Mount and Sony E mounts. Its price (RRP) in francs is not yet known, but should be a little over 700 francs.

Further information

Laowa 58mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO (product page)

Venus Optics (manufacturer site)

In Switzerland, Laowa lenses are distributed by
Photo Video Zumstein
Casinoplatz 8
CH-3011 Berne
Phone 031 310 90 80

The Laowa 58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO is offered with four mounts of the most common mirrorless systems, with length and weight varying slightly depending on the mount. The version with the E-mount for Sony cameras is shown on the far left, the version with the Z-mount for Nikon cameras can be seen in the middle and on the right.

Laowa 2.8/58mm 2X Ultra Macro APO – Specifications
Surname 58mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO
sensor type 35mm full format
lens mounts Canon RF, L mount, Nikon Z, Sony E
focal length 58mm
Maximum aperture f/2.8
Minimum aperture f/22
aperture blades 13
aperture setting manually
aperture ring stepless
magnification 2:1
angle of view 40.9 degrees
close-up limit 18.5cm
filter thread 67mm
optical construction 14 elements in 11 groups
focus manually
material metal
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 74.8mm x 117mm
weight approx. 595g
EAN Code Canon RF: 6940486702897
L mount: 6940486702910
Nikon Z: 6940486702903
Sony E: 6940486702880
scope of delivery Scope of delivery:
Lens, rear cap, front cap


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