Is Nvidia Working On Chip For Pro Version?

The Nintendo Switch has not received a major hardware update since its release. But now a significantly more powerful version is emerging.

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market since 2017. – AFP


the essentials in brief

  • Nvidia is apparently working on a new chip for a more powerful switch.
  • This is apparently the T239.
  • According to Reddit users, the line would increase x-fold.

The rumors ran wild just before Nintendo’s announcement in June last year: Leaks and speculation were eagerly awaiting a pro version of the Nintendo Switch console.

But fans “only” got a conventional switch with an OLED screen. In terms of performance, however, there has been no improvement over the original version.

Slowly but surely, that’s becoming apparent as the hardware hasn’t received much of an upgrade since it was released in early 2017. Porting new games to the Nintendo console is getting harder, especially since the release of the Xbox Series and PS5.

Is Nvidia working on a new chip for the Nintendo Switch?

Now there are rumors again about a potential Switch Pro. Reddit users have found evidence that Nvidia is in contact with the Linux kernel developers.

The logo of Nvidia. – Nvidia

The graphics chip manufacturer is said to have asked for the operating system to support the new Tegra239 chip, or T239 for short. To date, there has been no solid evidence of the existence of such a chip. Rumors that a modification of the T-234 will be used in a new switch have been around for a long time.

If a new version of the Nintendo Switch actually came with this chip, Reddit users expect the computing power to be x times higher.

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