the social network copies BeReal

The success of BeReal attracts covetousness! TikTok shamelessly copies the principle of the French social network with its TikTok Now function. He even goes so far as to create his own application in France!

BeReal, a French social network, is growing in popularity, especially in the United States. Going against the usual codes, based on the cult of the superficial and the artificial, it offers to immortalize what we are doing at a certain time of the day via a notification, which occurs every day. randomly. But beware, the user only has two minutes to do so, so that the photo has a more authentic and natural rendering, without staging. The application uses the front and rear camera of the smartphone, and combines the two images obtained to share them with loved ones. A doubly innovative principle, whether in form or substance, which is cheerfully taken up by the other major social networks – a shame! Instagram is currently developing its “IG Candid Challenge” internally, which uses exactly the same principle, and Snapchat imitates the dual camera.

Now it’s TikTok’s turn to show some non-originality, with its “new” creation tool TikTok Now. The Chinese firm presents it as “a daily photo and video experience to share your most authentic moments with the people who matter most”. It takes up exactly the principle of BeReal, with the difference that the user can make a video of 10 seconds maximum instead of the photo. He has three minutes to do so. Again, the two images/videos obtained are displayed on top of each other. And of course, TikTok sends a notification every day to remind you to do so. The social network even goes so far as to imitate their style – BeReal’s “Danger” signs are simply replaced by two lightning bolts.

TikTok Now: a copy-paste application

In a statement, TikTok announced last week the upcoming rollout of TikTok Now, which is coming as a feature on the Chinese app in the United States. By repeating the principle of BeReal, the social network hopes to lead to more “authenticity” but above all commitment to its users. In the TikTok app, there will now be a “Now” tab in the bottom navigation bar, represented by a lightning bolt, right next to the post button. Simply tap on it to view the TikTok Nows exploration feed. Note that you must be over 18 to be able to share your publications on it. For people aged 13 to 15, only friends – that is to say people followed and who follow in return – will be able to comment on their publications. Finally, those under 16 will have an account in private mode – to go public, you have to go to the settings. And, like BeReal, anyone can choose who to share their content with.

Strangely enough, the Chinese firm has chosen to launch TikTok Now as a separate application for users outside the United States. In France, it is available on the App Store – but not on Android at the time of writing these lines. And she is quite successful! Indeed, analytics firm Sensor Tower tells The Verge that TikTok Now currently ranks in the top 10 social media apps in 39 countries, and in the top 100 apps in 24 countries.

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