GeForce RTX 4090: Nvidia promises 2.85 GHz boost clock in Cyberpunk 2077

GeForce RTX 4090: Nvidia promises 2.85 GHz boost clock in Cyberpunk 2077
GeForce RTX 4090: Nvidia promises 2.85 GHz boost clock in Cyberpunk 2077

Image: Nvidia

According to the official specifications, the AD102-300 (“Ada Lovelace”) graphics processor with 16,384 shader units should work on the GeForce RTX 4090, the new top model in Nvidia’s GeForce portfolio, with a base clock of 2,230 MHz or a boost clock of 2,520 MHz. In Cyberpunk 2077 (test), the manufacturer promises 2.85 GHz.

2.85 GHz boost clock with 460 watts consumption ex works

In a press briefing as part of the GTC 2022, which the website Wccftech took part, Nvidia demonstrated a GeForce RTX 4090 to selected representatives of the press, on which the dystopian action role-playing game was rendered with WQHD resolution of 2,540 × 1,440 pixels with the highest settings including ray tracing on Ultra and Psycho.

All relevant GPU metrics such as the clock frequencies and the temperature of the chip, which was not overclocked for the benchmarks, could be taken from the OSD that was displayed.

  • Up to 2850MHz boost clock
  • The boost clock was between 2810 and 2850 MHz
  • The AD102 GPU got 50 to 57 degrees warm
  • Up to 3 GHz should be possible with overclocking
  • The consumption was up to 460 watts

3 GHz was already running at Nvidia in the laboratory

After Nvidia’s CEO had already announced at the launch of the GeForce RTX 4090 and the two GeForce RTX 4080 that the manufacturer was already able to overclock the latest generation in the laboratory to more than 3 GHz, the already very high boost clock ex works now also seems to be the case to confirm in practice. Nvidia will not have highlighted the 2.85 GHz displayed by ODS so prominently for no reason.

Ada is incredibly energy efficient, over twice the performance at the same power as Ampere and you can really push Ada! We have overclocked Ada past 3 GHz in our labs.

Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia

Nvidia used the Cyberpunk 2077 demo as a benchmark and demonstrated both a run in native 1440p and with the latest AI upsampling DLSS 3.0, which is said to deliver up to four times more frames per second.

DLSS 3.0 didn’t get that much out of the demo for Cyberpunk 2077, but the result is still impressive. It goes from an average of 60 FPS to 170 FPS, a very significant gain of 183 percent.

Up to 460 watts and significantly more economical with DLSS 3.0

While the graphics card’s consumption of 460 watts was slightly above the official TDP of 450 watts, the use of DLSS 3.0 reduced it by 24 percent to around 350 watts.

In addition to the native resolution, the AI ​​upsampling Nvidia DLSS 3 was used in the “Quality” preset.

Cyberpunk 2077 demo @ 1440p on a GeForce RTX 4090 FE

Cyberpunk 2077 was running at the demonstration Wccftech on a non-factory overclocked Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition (Image: Nvidia)

The following editorial content provides further information about the three GeForce RTX 4000:

The article is in German

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