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Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 tested: finally sleeping soundly

Everyone knows it: Whether it’s the noise of the construction site next door, your partner snoring loudly or the commotion on the plane – there are many reasons that rob you of sleep at night. But the manufacturer Anker is now fighting these problems with its Soundcore Sleep A10 headphones. Because this should ensure relaxed rest periods – without any interruptions. IMTEST got their hands on the sleep headphones in advance and tried them out extensively. Sequentially.

Little sandmen: The Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 headphones are designed to ensure a peaceful sleep. © IN THE TEST

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10: The helper for deep sleep

The WHO recommends a maximum of 40 decibels at the ear of the sleeper for a restful night’s sleep. The headphones are equipped with ear flaps and so-called “twin-seal” plugs, which have a double silicone lamella. In this way, Anker wants to enable effective sealing of noise. In addition, special ANC algorithms are used. Anker wants to automatically reduce the background noise for the sleeping person to 35 decibels and thus ensure deep sleep.

Ready-made sleep sounds are designed to calm the brain. © IN THE TEST

Fall asleep with the lightweight

When designing its new headphones, Anker made sure that they were light as a feather and slipped comfortably into the ear. In fact, the Sleep A10 feel very comfortable in the ear and don’t pinch when lying on your side. The compact design and the ear wings, in addition to the aforementioned noise insulation, also ensure that the headphones do not fall out. Since an exact fit is even more important with sleep headphones than with conventional true wireless in-ears, Anker supplies a comprehensive range of silicone attachments. After seven to eight hours of sleep, most people feel rested. With 10 hours of battery life, the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 should last a reasonable amount of time.

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10
Room for improvement: The small charging cradle of the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 makes a cheap and rickety impression. © IN THE TEST

Woman covered with a white blanket in bed smiling with her eyes closed, a Smartphpne next to her

IMTEST compared the best sleep aid apps.


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Fall asleep easily with the smart sleep manager

Soft sound of the sea, tropical sounds or your favorite streaming playlist? With the Soundcore Sleep A10 headphones you can choose between ready-made background music or your favorite music – depending on how you can fall asleep best. And when it’s time to get up, the sleeping ones are woken up by a gentle alarm clock. Anker provides pre-packaged “neural sounds” in the app that correspond to the frequency of brain waves and are intended to help you fall asleep. These tones range from rippling water to white noise. By the way, you can’t make phone calls with the headphones because Anker deliberately does without this function. Annoying: Without an app connection, the A10 is virtually unusable. The app itself requires an account registration with Anker.

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10
App with compulsory account: nothing works without registration. © IN THE TEST

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10: Silent Night?

If you already sleep with earplugs, the feather-light Soundcore A10 shouldn’t bother you. Everyone else first has to get used to the slight feeling of pressure in the ear. The headphones reproduce sounds very softly, listening to loud music doesn’t work. The Sleep A10 are not designed for that at all. The soft splashing or sonorous humming of the lullaby melodies penetrates the ear very softly and finely. This may help in noisy environments. But if you sleep badly for other reasons and can’t get any rest even in an actually good sleeping environment, the Soundcore Sleep A10 will only keep you from sleeping. They are much more earplugs with a sound function than full-fledged sleep therapy. After all, the tracking functions of your own sleep cycles are a nice bonus.

price and availability

Anker’s new sleep headphones are available on both the Soundcore website and for 179.99 euros. When using the code “SWEETDREAMDE”, the first customers can save 20% of the purchase price and thus only pay 144 euros.


Finally sleeping better – does that work with the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10? In a self-experiment only to a limited extent. Although the headphones block out noise from the outside, music and sleep noise do not necessarily make it easier to fall asleep. If you lie awake at night despite a dark and quiet bedroom, Anker’s sleep headphones won’t help much either. But the plugs are a recommendation for the evening audio book.

  • PER
    • Very light, many fits for different ears, long battery life and pleasantly delicate sound.
    • Doesn’t dampen noise any better than classic earplugs, account requirement in the app, charging case looks cheap, sleep takes some getting used to.

IMTEST assessment:

satisfactory 3.0

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