Adam Levine wrote to Elisabeth Rioux on Instagram

The big news of the last few days on the web is definitely the saga surrounding Adam Levine.

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It seems that the singer of the group Maroon 5 would have, as the young people say, “slide in the DMs” of several sexy girls on Instagram.

Yes, messages that the 43-year-old man (who is in a relationship) have leaked on the web in the last few days. And it’s not fancy chic.

Needless to say, Adam and his awkward posts quickly became a laughingstock on the web…

And it seems that at least one Quebecer would have caught the eye of the guy behind one of the worst halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

None other than Elisabeth Rioux!

In a story she posted on Thursday, the young woman shared a screenshot of her Instagram inbox, in which she had a message request from Levine.



Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to accept said message before it was deleted.

The singer probably wanted to cover his tracks when his messages started leaking.

In another story, Rioux posts a video from his phone to prove the screenshot was indeed real.

What a story!

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